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Refurbished Enterprise Hardware

In today’s rapidly moving threat landscape agility is key to shortening detection and remediation timescales which is why customers use Valtec’s services and consultancy. We think differentially which gives you the agility and competitive advantage over bad actors, and our proven engagement methodology ensures that you get the same repeatable experience every time. In a world where the perimeter is dissolving and infrastructure is split between the data centre and cloud we challenge convention, bring innovative solutions to market and deliver agile managed services to uphold your security posture. armadillo have been built using a cloud first strategy supporting scalability from limited cloud deployments to enterprise scale migrations to the cloud. Valtec’s security solutions smooth the transition to cloud, keep you secure and enable your business.

We are the leading end-of-life (EOL) distributor of data center & networking hardware. We give our customers independence from defined IT product life cycles, allowing an organization’s business and technical needs to drive their hardware upgrades. By coupling traditional distribution services with our end-of-life expertise, we offer customers a simple and cost-effective method for extending, maintaining, and optimizing their enterprise IT.

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