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Project Services

Sharpen your competitive edge

Generating new business to drive growth is one of the best ways to prosper in a competitive market. But what if you find yourself unable to respond to your businesses requirements because you don’t have the right project management resources when you need them?

Worse still, what if, after making a commitment to deliver a project on time, you encounter logistical problems that your team doesn’t have the spare capacity or experience to solve in the given timeframe?

Project Services – a core capability within Valtec’s wider service based solutions portfolio – can provide the answer.

Regardless of size, complexity or location, once engaged, our Project Services experts are here to help you bid with confidence, plan more effectively and deliver your project on time and to the highest possible standard.

How Project Services can help you

Get vital access to industry knowledge, project management skills, planning skills, technical skills and resource.

Our experts know what works and what doesn’t and, by drawing on experience of working across a range of industry sectors, they are able to identify potential issues in advance, mitigate risks and help you deal with unforeseen issues. Their primary goal is to smooth your project delivery by helping you avoid significant delays and headaches.

Enjoy a single point of contact

Every project is allocated a dedicated project manager or co-ordinator. You can choose for them to either take end-to-end accountability or to work alongside your existing team to provide an overflow capability. Each project manager is backed by a team of specialists who have unrivalled knowledge of networks, systems and processes.

Identify project risks

Using our experience, we can tell you up front what the delaying factors in your project are likely to be and help prevent unexpected issues between you and your customers.

We can make you aware of the ramifications in advance, allowing you to better manage the expectations of your customers and helping deliver the project in time and on budget.

Valtec’s four pillars of service methodology:


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