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Managed SIEM

Security Information and Event Management is failing in many organisations that fail to collate information from the right sources; fail to continually remediate and lack the skillsets to interpret outcomes from such systems of reference.

Properly deployed and managed, SIEM can dramatically shorten the times for detection and remediation of threats; however as a live system SIEM requires constant remediation which is why Valtec deliver cloud ready SIEM. Analysts continually remediate events ensuring that your onsite teams are only investigating real incidents and fewer false positives. From small cloud deployments to support your existing SIEM investment to Enterprise wide deployments, why not talk to  Valtec   about Proactive Security As A Service today.

Managed Next Generation Firewall

Traditional firewalls are based on static rulebases which over time can become complex, inefficient and contain errors which potentially expose the organisations they are trying to protect to risk of breach. Valtec managed services proactively manage firewalls to ensure that the security compliance, integrity and posture is maintained across our customer’s estates. Traditional firewall technology is being surpassed by next generation firewalls which have the ability to inspect application traffic and address the challenges presented by today’s shifting threat landscape. The management of such technologies is complex which is why Valtec managed services assure the security posture of these environments whilst driving a more secure posture for our customers.

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